Why Bosnia & Herzegovina?

Bosnia and Herzegovina is often described as a place where East meets West, a melting pot of the cultures , a unique place where all traditions and religions meet. That reputation brought a lot of interesting things, but sadly bad ones as well.... 

On the other hand this makes it a place that everyone should see. Our rich history - medieval kingdom, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian rule, Yugoslavia and war 1992-1995 will be of interest to students.

If you enjoy outdoors, we are known for unspoiled nature where you can hike, cycle, ski or enjoy rafting trips on blue and emerald water of our rivers.  

Educational Tour & Student Traveling

Traveling in groups is always more fun than traveling alone, but as you already know, organizing trip for a group of students or professionals  can bring some challenges, so it is crucial to plan carefully to ensure your trip goes smoothly and is enjoyable for everyone in the group. 

For this matter it is always helpful to have a local partner on site who can make planning of the trip much easier task, but also be your right hand during your stay in Bosnia. 

Why Us?

Organizing student travel packages is our number one business, so please contact us for help in arranging the perfect class trip and the best student travel deal. 

We will help you to plan your trip by budget, destination and interests to make planning for your group travel as easy as possible. 

Some of our references so far

Falkenbergsgymnasium (SWE), Studienstiftung des deutchen Volkes (GER), Notthingham University (UK), Hulebäcks Gymnasium (SWE), Universiteit van Amsterdam (NED), Nösnäs Gymnasiet (SWE), University of Copenhagen (DK), Palacky University Olomouc (CZ), Bäckängs Gymnasiet (SWE), Universitet i Oslo (NOR), Eurotour (USA), Westerlundska Gymnasium (SWE), etc.

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