All types of accomodation - hostel, B&B, private apartments, or hotel - we have it all - just sent mail with your dates.

We provide shuttle and transport services. We guarantee your maximum comfort in our cars, vans or buses as well as punctuality  and our drivers support.

TRAVELPLUS specializes in event management in Bosnia & Herzegovina. 

For your Business, conferences or any other corporate or private entertainment our team will be able to co-ordinate the entire event.

All the organizational side of your event: music, food, staff to serve, venues, decoration, professional photographer, or any other areas of promotional requirements for your event: clothing, flyers and posters, computer systems, display units, etc.

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Name:  Travelplus Sarajevo d.o.o. (LTD)
Address: Ferhadija 21, 71000 Sarajevo, BiH
Phone:  +387 33 23 88 11, + 387 62 511 099
Working Hours: Mon - Fri 08:00 - 16.30
ID Number: 4202451740004
Licence Number: 07-02-22-8702
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