Why Bosnia & Herzegovina?

Once upon a time, there was the Kingdom of Bosnia. It existed from 1377 to 1463 – an era that began when this medieval realm escaped the authority of the King of Hungary and ended when it came under the boot of the Ottoman Empire. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina is often called the microcosm of the Balkans. „It is a land with a political and cultural history unlike that of any other country in Europe. The great religions and great powers of European history had overlapped and combined there: the empires of Rome, Charlemagne, the Ottomans, and the Austro-Hungarians and the faiths of Western Christianity, Eastern Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Those facts alone would be sufficient reason for studying the History of Bosnia as an object of unique interest in its own right.” Noel Malcolm, Bosnia: The Short History.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has some of the most breathtaking natural sights in the world. From emerald green rivers to fascinating Ottoman architecture, last remaining rainforest in Europe, Olympic mountains for skiing,  6 National parks, 40 caves and 19 viewpoints it should be one of the places to visit at least once in your lifetime.

Educational Tour & Student Traveling

Traveling in groups is always more fun than traveling alone, but as you already know, organizing trip for a group of students or professionals  can bring some challenges, so it is crucial to plan carefully to ensure your trip goes smoothly and is enjoyable for everyone in the group. 

For this matter it is always helpful to have a local partner on site who can make planning of the trip much easier task, but also be your right hand during your stay in Bosnia. 

Why Us?

Travelplus is a Destination Management Company specialized in Edutainment student group travel.

As a leader agency in the student travel industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, our travel designers and expert guides will plan everything in detail based on your needs and wishes with one goal in mind: to make you experience Bosnia and Herzegovina in a unique and memorable way.

All the historical narratives and political practices are usually the ones that give the most headache to students as well as to teachers. As it is a quite complex matter to learn and discover, old-fashioned studying in classrooms can often fail in getting students to understand what had happened in Bosnia. Students have the opportunity to talk to local people, which can broaden their perspective greatly.

We customize itineraries for a single guest, couples, families to large groups crafting every moment of their stay. We promise you that you will come as our guest and leave as family.

Our references:

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